The Museum of Moving Image

During my tour in the Museum of Moving Image on April 18th, there were many interesting aspects of media production. I learned that through the development, they were transformed gradually. The major change in the development of television sets, was through their size in screens.


The earliest of Television screens were very tiny, such that it almost looked like a radio.

Then it transformed into an appearance that looked much like a tiny oven or microwave.


These are such examples of some television sets that look very much like a small house daily used kitchenware.

There were many other changes made, which seemed to be meant for staying home mothers/ wives. The television sets were made to make it easier for a woman to use at home. The television sets have a very similar appearance to the daily uses used in a kitchen.

Image  Such example is a washer.

The creators of Television sets, made it easy to work, that way there is no need for a manual or directions of such. As television sets became more populated and known, the transformation was to make the screen bigger.

Image Such as this television set.

Each of the exhibits with different media productions helped me to see the many changes that occurred throughout the years.

Other changes that moving technology changed the way moving images were created was through the development of color in moving images.Colors seem to be used to pronounce the emphasis on certain actions and to draw viewers. Each viewer would be intrigued by the colors used in the short clips of moving images. Colors were definitely used to draw in more viewers.


Design I like

The hyperlinks above are to  music videos that interests me very much. Clara Chung is a YouTube singer and guitarist. She inspire me very much becasue she is graduate from UC Irvine  with a Psychology degree and although she is currently pursuing music full-time, she also works and teaches autistic children part-time. The concept of one of her videos, “Offbeat”, is to inspire visuals in a world filled with bubbles. She is a very inspirational person in the fact that she has a sensational art of music beneath her. She sings and does things out of love and her desired interests. Her ways of knowing how to play many different kinds of musical instruments proves that she has music within her. She is very creative as well through all her music videos that she creates. Her creative mind is what draws my attention because she is very different from other artists. Clara is someone who stands out in a room full of artists.

The most interesting elements of design she seems to use in her works are color, shape, texture and form. She practically uses them all. Through Clara’s works, she seems to be using color a lot to create the drastic contrasts of her song. Although many shapes can not be perceived so definitively, the music video of “Offbeat” seems to accentuate on the shape of a cirlcle to describe the visuals of a world. Since a world is circular. She uses the element of texture as well through the way the surface makes me feel as a viewer and how I perceive the video to feel. It makes me feel a sense of pleasantness and happyness.

One of her brilliant music videos is in the “Camel Song” shows very great use of space. The one-dimensional design is creating the illusion of a three dimensional design on a flat surface. The element makes the characters to be on top of a one-dimensional design that creates an illusiong to the viewers as three dimensional. Another elemental design Clara used was in the same video, “Offbeat” where she used form. The Bubble is seen as three-dimensional.

Another person by the name of Charice Pempengco, is a singer. Pempengco was born in Laguna, Philippines. Charice was raised by her single mother, Raquel. To help support her family she began to enter singing contests at age seven, from town fiestas in various provinces to singing competitions on TV. She is said to have competed in almost a hundred such contests. Her dilligence and courage got her this far, to where she is right now, the next Whitney Houston.  Her voice is so powerful and amazing that it becomes an inspiration to all people. She went from being a helpless child to a well-off woman!

My interests are that her popularity increased because of her talent and her determination in all sort of contests. Coming from a place where technology is not so affluent, she becomes a singer better than any other in an affluent society. She reaches the top, because she is different and has a talent that will catch many people’s attention. She sure did catch my attention. Many people want to become well-known, famous or rich for stature, but Charice believes to use her talent in good terms and she enjoys what she does.

Charice’s elements of design is mostly related to texture. The sound of her voice is what draws people’s attention. Her talent  is not in something but what is within herself. So to name an element to describe her design would be the texture of her voice that makes people feel a sense of amazement. Her voice can not be touched, so I don’t know how I can relate this to texture, but the sound of her voice is very powerful that it can be touched non-physically but through by heart.

Charice and Clara are very similar in that they both enjoy what they love; therefore can stand out from amongst many other people. They are my inspirations of design, their role in society and ways are the designs I like.

Who am I?

As a kid, growing up in the 90’s, there was not as much access to the media as there is today. I grew up unknowingly having a strong interest in the media. Since the privilege of cable was taken away from me as a kid, because it affected my academics, I grew up only watching movies.

Since movies were my only glimpse of media, my interest was sternly on movies throughout childhood. Movies were my only glance what media was. While watching a movie, there was no one and nothing that could divert my attention from watching, because my attention was fully on the movie. Never would I be distracted by outside atmosphere, sound or movement while a movie was playing. I would be able to turn off all external occurrences and all my attention would be focused on the movie.

As media began to develop and internet was more accessible at home for me, I discovered that my interest in the media expanded. My curiosity shifted towards music, mostly recent pop music at the time. Throughout childhood years, I grew up in a background with music and watching movies.

Having lived with an “Asian” parent who wants their child to be a prodigy in music, I grew up learning how to play the piano and the violin for many years. With the experience of melody, beat and rhythm from both instruments, music was much easier to listen to in all sorts of music. The benefit of learning instruments was that it amplified my interest in the music media. My interests are music and somewhere along the media industry. Using technology to help enhance my interests in media is somewhere I desire to be. Here I am today, trying to go beyond my experiences and find my interests in a whole another level. To find out whether my passion as a child will define who I am, as a person today.